Breaking Down J.Lo & A-Rod’s $350,000 Trip to France

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Breaking Down J.Lo & A-Rod’s $350,000 Trip to France
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took some time to embrace their love in the City of Light.
The couple jetted off to Paris and a few other cities in France over the weekend where they were photographed spending time on a yacht—J.Lo gave us all the summer inspiration with her sizzling monokini—as well as enjoying romantic walks along the city’s history-filled streets.
But although their blossoming relationship doesn’t come with a price tag, this vacation certainly did…a $358,129.41 price tag at that!
Let us breakdown the approximate cost of everything that went into the couple’s whirlwind Parisian getaway…

Traveling by Private Jets: $358,095.41 
The pair likely traveled from Miami to Nice via Private Fly Long Range Jet—a one-way trip that adds up to $81,580. Later, they flew from Nice to Paris, which was also probably via private jet (this time, a medium range) for about $9,190.
Upon their return, if the couple flew direct from Paris back to Los Angeles via Private Fly Long Range Jet, it would have cost them around $94,450.

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Visiting Monaco: $548.41 
We’re guessing pair took a private VIP car from the Nice airport to Monte Carlo, Monaco, for an approximate price of $142.55. After they got into town, they took the Tour of Place du Casino (Casino Monte Carlo), which adds up to $37.94 per person. 
Finally, they concluded their night with dinner at La Chevre D’Or for about $367.92. A preset menu for two comes out to $267.92 without alcohol, but assuming they enjoyed a bottle of wine, that would add about $100 to the bill.

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Enjoying the Yacht Life: $160,575.39
The couple enjoyed a few days on a luxury yacht off the coast of France. The approximate cost to stay aboard this kind of boat for a week is $558,175. However, since they only stayed for two days, it breaks down to about $80,287.69 per day. J.Lo also showed off her toned body in a Mer Culture monokini, which costs $115.
Soaking Up the Sun Antibes, Cannes and St. Tropez: $571.61
After getting back to shore. J.Lo and A-Rod spent some time in the south of France. The enjoyed lunch at Hotel Du Cap Eden Roche, which (including a bottle of wine) adds up to about $256.61. 
The couple was also spotted attending a private yoga lesson in St. Tropez. The cost of this healthy experience is usually about $100/person, so they likely spent around $200.

Traveling Paris: $11,214
J.Lo and A-Rod concluded their trip in Paris, where they were photographed visiting the Louvre museum for $17/ticket as well as enjoying ice cream in the Jardin Des Tuileries for about $20 total.
They stayed in Le Meurice Hotel where the deluxe suites range from $1,500 to $5,500.  If they stayed in the Presidential Apartment (the nicest room the hotel offers), they likely spent around $11,160 in total for their stay.

Needless to say, the trip cost a pretty penny, but we’re sure every cent was worth it for the couple to enjoy the time together.
Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Cost of Paris TripJennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took some time to embrace their love in the City of Light.
The couple jetted off to Paris and a few other cities in France over the weekend where they…

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