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Paul McCartney Paid $1 for Olympics Opening Ceremony Performance

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Paul McCartney paid an insane amount for his London Olympics Opening Ceremony performance! Hey music fans, welcome back to ClevverMusic. Being one of the most famous musicians in the world, you would expect Sir Paul McCartney to earn the big bucks for his 2012 Olympic Performance. Hence, we stand corrected.

The former Beatles’s paycheck rolled in at a staggering $1.57 cents according to a spokesman for the Summer Games. The rep said, “All of our top talent played for free. In order to have a contract you commit to a payment of a pound.” A pound = 1.57 in US dollars. We wonder what he’ll buy with that lump sum!

The nominal fee was offered to make the Olympics contracts binding, and the musician actually volunteered his time to Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony show. We admire Paul for donating his time and energy to the games, along with the other performers at the ceremony.

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