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Out now: Sunlounger Collected (Deluxe Edition Including Videos)

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Making a quick rise in EDM ever since bursting onto the scene with mega-hit ‘White Sand’, is one of Roger Shah’s most popular monikers: Sunlounger. Keeping up on the Balearic trance sound, the ‘Sunlounger Collected (Deluxe Edition)’ pack gives listeners all the (future) Sunlounger classics, along with the music videos. ‘Lost’, ‘White Sand’, ‘Try To Be Love’ and all other essential Sunlounger tunes.

Includes the following videos:

Sunlounger – Found (feat. Zara Taylor)
Roger Shah & Zara Taylor – Try To Be Love
Sunlounger & Roger Shah – The Beach Side Of Life
Sunlounger & Roger Shah – Breaking Waves (feat. Inger Hansen)
Sunlounger & Roger Shah – Son Of A Beach
Sunlounger & Roger Shah – Life (feat. Lorilee)
Sunlounger & Roger Shah – Feels Like Heaven (feat. Zara Taylor)
Sunlounger & Roger Shah – Coastline
Sunlounger & Roger Shah – Summer Escape

Sunlounger – Lost (Moonwatchers Remix) (05:29)
Sunlounger – White Sand (Chill Out Mix) (04:48)
Sunlounger feat. Kyler England – Change Your Mind (Chill Version) (06:20)
Sunlounger feat. Zara – Crawling (Chill Mix) (06:55)
Sunlounger – In & Out (Chill Mix) (05:52)
Sunlounger – Losing Again (Chill Mix) (05:17)
Sunlounger – Aguas Blancas (Chill Mix) (07:30)
Sunlounger feat. Zara – Talk To Me (Chill Version) (06:51)
Sunlounger – Hierbas Ibicencas (Chill Mix) (05:17)
Sunlounger feat. Seis Cuerdas – A Balearic Dinner (Chill Mix) (05:37)
Roger Shah presents Sunlounger feat. Antonia Lucas – Beautiful Night (Downtempo Version) (06:16)

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