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Madonna Booed in Paris, Fans Demand Refund

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It wasn’t a good day to be Madonna yesterday, we’ll explain! You’re watching ClevverMusic. Madonna took her MDNA world tour back to Paris, France yesterday and even streamed the concert live on YouTube. The show was intended by Madonna to promote tolerance, but ended with a round of BOOs aimed at Madonna.

The “intimate” 2,700 seat show turned into a PR disaster when Madge left the show after only 45 minutes on stage and fans started shouting “give us our money back!” along with “salute” which means “slut” in French. 53-year-old Madonna added the show as a last minute addition to the tour, and tickets were only available to official fan club members. The worst part? Some hardcore Madonna fans camped out for 2 days just to see Madge perform for 45 minutes.

Fans were so upset that YouTube, who streamed the show live, had to disable comments on the stream after it gained 12,000 DISLIKES online. After the show, fans took to Twitter and used the promoted #MDNAParis to complain about the show and demand a refund! One fan tweeted, “280? For a seat + 10 minutes of a speech + 40 minutes of a show + 2 days of camping in front of the #Olympia = #Madonna #MDNA #Paris #thatsucks.”

We don’t blame them for being upset by the shortened show. If that was going to be the case, Madge should have told fans upfront that the show would be a mini version of the real concert. You can watch fans yell at her by clicking the video link in the description. Do you think the fans should get a refund? Let us know. Then, subscribe to ClevverMusic for all your concert news, bye!

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