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Chris Brown On Jackson Family Drama

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With all the Jackson Family drama going on right now, an unlikely Chris Brown is being a voice of reason! Hey Clevvies, welcome back to ClevverMusic. Michael Jackson’s family has been under fire recently for the supposed disappearance of Michael’s 82-year-old Mother Katherine Jackson and a rumored fight at the Jackson home. This PR nightmare for the family is far from over, and singer Chris Brown of all people- has decided to weigh in.

Chris Brown is a devoted Michael Jackson fan and took to Twitter to express his feelings on the Jackson Fam drama. He tweeted, “That Jackson family feud s— gotta stop! Stop making ya’ll business public! Michael was under enough scrutiny.” In a second tweet immediately following he continued, “Don’t put the kids through the bull—! Work y’all s— out as a family and stop giving them the pleasure of f—ing wit y’all!”

Ironic, coming from a guy who’s had his fair share of drama play out in the public eye. Has Chris finally learned his lesson after this huge fight with Drake over Rihanna? He’s absolutely right in his Twitter rant, they should keep their business private and work their problems out and not get the kids involved.

The most recent development in the story is that Katherine Jackson has returned home after a retreat in Arizona, and has spoken to ABC News about losing custody of Michael’s three kids while she was away. She claims she was not in fact kidnapped as reported, and is trying to get the kids back from temporary guardian TJ Jackson, son of Tito Jackson.

We are shocked to say we actually agree with Chris Brown on this one! The Jackson Family needs to all get together and have mediator work out their various issues. What do you think of Chris butting into their business- did he go too far? Tell us what you think down in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to ClevverMusic for more music news. Bye Clevvies.

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