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Lady Gaga Sued for $10 Million Over Doll

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This time Mother Monster is being sued over a doll- we’ll tell the story. I’m Misty Kingma, you’re watching ClevverMusic. The latest legal drama for Lady Gaga involves Bratz dolls parent company, MGA Entertainment. Mother Monster is being sued for $10 million dollars for allegedly breaching her contract over a planned Gaga doll, by deliberately delaying the release of the doll.

Now, I know what you’re thinking- why would Gaga do that? A Gaga doll sounds great to us! According to the New York Daily News, Gaga made many last minute changes to the doll which made it impossible MGA to meet their deadline for retailers, who were supposed to get the doll this summer. Rumor has it that Gaga told them to make the doll’s face look “more supermodel-like”.

Also, Gaga wanted to include a “Born This Way” video-inspired zombie outfit for the fashion doll and suggested that the toy have a removable head which no doubt delayed manufacturing as well. The company execs claim they planned a Christmas 2012 release for the dolls, estimating a staggering $28 million in revenue, and believe Gaga intentionally delayed the doll’s debut so it would coincide with her 2013 album release. Personally, we don’t understand why Gaga would do that, it seems to u like she just wants to make sure the doll is 100% Gaga. A doll doesn’t exactly enhance an album release- or does it?

Gaga’s team calls the suit “meritless”. But, what do you think? Is this lawsuit valid on MGA’s part? Also, be sure to subscribe to ClevverMusic for all your Gaga news, bye Little Monsters!

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