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Britney Spears The New Simon? NEW X Factor Promo!

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Britney Spears ‘X Factor’ promo:

Is Britney Spears the new Simon on ‘X Factor’? Hey guys, welcome back to ClevverMusic. Simon Cowell is known around the world for his harsh judging style- and it may have brushed off onto Britney Spears. In a new ‘X Factor’ promo that aired during last night’s All Star baseball game, we see new judge Britney Spears saying some critical words to the contestants during auditions.

Our favorite lines from the promo that Britney drops include, “You can’t destroy that song, sweetie,” and to another contestant, “Bad to the bone,” and then our favorite remark, “You definitely don’t have that X factor.” It’s not easy being the bearer of bad news, but this superstar has no problem crushing dreams in the nicest way she can.

At the end of the promo we see Simon Cowell looking over at Brit with a huge smirk on his face and we can’t help but think he’s ecstatic that sassy Britney has come out on his precious show. Simon Cowell has no doubt landed a gold mine by snagging Britney for the show. We think she is going to be awesome to watch on TV, when ‘X Factor’ season 2 debuts on FOX on Wednesday September 12.

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