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Muse “Survival” Official Olympics Music Video Features Michael Phelps!

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Muse “Survival” Official Music Video:

Muses official 2012 London Olympic song has debuted the inspiration music video complete with sweat and tears! Hey Clevvies, welcome back to ClevverMusic. The music video for the official song of the 2012 London Summer Olympics titled, “Survival” has been unveiled! The video does not actually feature British trio Muse in it, but stars the Olympic athletes in the games.

The opening sequence of the video shows a nostalgic look back at past games via black and white clips as it counts down from 2012 to 1896 when the modern games began. When the song starts, we see Olympic athletes in their most intense moments, some preparing to compete, some mid-race, and many doing victory cheers. Almost every sport is represented in the video, from fencing, gymnastics, track and field, to swimming rowing, and wrestling.

The video is both powerful and emotional at the same time, showing the athletes in their glory and defeat, and ends with the Olympic torch flying high. We think it is the perfect video to capture the excitement of the games around the world. And don’t worry; the vid is not complete without an intense Michael Phelps cameo.

Muse explained that they wrote the song, “with the Olympics in mind. It’s about total conviction and pure determination to win.” Well played, Muse. The games kick off in London on July 27th. Check out this official music video yourself, just click the link in the description and tell us what you think of the vid. Also subscribe to ClevverMUSIC for more music video releases. Bye guys.

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