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Lady Gaga “Marry The Night” Video Coming Thursday

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Hi little monsters, I’m Bridget Daly and you’re watching ClevverMusic. Good news! Gaga’s Marry the Night video is finally coming this week! She announced the news via Twitter, saying, The Marry The Night video will premiere this Thursday on E!. If you guys caught the Thankgiving special last week, it ended with a clip of the video where Gaga is in a dance studio with a bunch of other people in total throwback getup.
Marry the night marks her first directorial debut too, even though she’s helped direct some previous vids in the past. It was shot in varous locations in New York, and Gaga said, “It has been a wonderful experience. So I’m looking forward to sharing this autobiographical video with the world.” Stay tuned Thursday December 1st on E! for the highly anticipated vid, and in the mean time, check out the MTN preview by clicking the link to our Facebook page below. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic, see ya next time.

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