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Beyonce Mentoring Troubled Rihanna?

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Hi everyone, I’m Bridget Daly and you’re watching ClevverMusic. So is Rihanna in trouble?! Rumors are swirling that she’s hit a bit of a rough patch, and has called on none other than Beyonce to help her out. The Sun reports that Ri had a meltdown just hours before her Dublin concert on Friday November 26th, and decided to ring up Bey for some moral support.
A source tells the paper, “She only decided to perform after making a tearful phone call to mentor Beyonce, who was able to talk her around. The R&B star advised her younger counterpart to continue with the tour, but to take a year off when she’s finished to recuperate.”
So what’s going on exactly? Well insiders say Rihanna’s burning the candle at both ends with her tour across Europe, and her new album Talk That Talk that came out pretty much one year after Loud was released. An insider added, “She’s just a young woman who just wants to have fun, but she was feeling pretty low. It’s a mix of exhaustion and stress. She’s been partying hard to take her mind off things, but there are days when she wakes up and doesn’t even know where she is because of the traveling.”
That’s got to pretty tough on you mentally and physically, and if anyone knows the feeling it’s Beyonce, who by the way seemed like she really enjoyed taking that year off! We hope Rihanna does heed Bey’s advice to slow down after the Loud tour is over, and takes some time for herself! Comment below on your advice for Ri, and subscribe to ClevverMusic for updates! Thanks for watching.

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